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I just stumbled upon this blogpost that lists some fab reasons as to why we should consume more spinach. I try to eat spinach in two of my meals a day. I love putting it on sandwiches, pizza and nachos too!

I recommend this post, it’s a great read!

Peace. xx.


I’m Strong to the Finich, Cause I Eat Me Spinach!.

via I’m Strong to the Finich, Cause I Eat Me Spinach!.


Good morning!

I’ve been reading a lot about juicing lately (green juice in particular). Apparently all the celebs are in to it: Alessandra Ambrosio, Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler and even Martha Stewart. It seems that in the holistic nutrition world, juice fasting is a trend right now. I am sceptical of anything with fast in the title. I don’t necessarily believe in fasting and fad diets – every person that I know that has been on one of these has put the weight back on…and then some. I believe that in order to lose weight and keep it off, we need to completely change our lifestyles and fix our bad habits. If it really made me look a Victoria’s Secret Angel, I might have to throw in the towel and try though…

One thing about juicing is that if you juice your fruits/veggies for too long, they might lose some of their nutrients and so you have to be exact about it. The same thing goes for blending fruits/veggies. The online literature on juice fasting also presents some mixed reviews – they are not suitable for everyone.

As a side note to that spiel, juicers are also expensive and so that hinders my attempts at juicing. That being said, I’ve read some good things about making smoothies in the morning, so I thought I’d try my hand at it. I wanted to try an alternative to my usual carb heavy breakfast. Also, lots of athletes and pro surfers swear by their morning shakes – including Gabby Reece, a health blogger/former beach volleyball player/Laird Hamilton’s main squeeze/crush of mine.

So far I am loving it! I love that it’s an easy way to get in a serving of veggies as well as fruits in the morning. I find it difficult to digest dairy first thing in the morning, and I’ve found that almond milk works best for me. Here is a recipe for my smoothie from this morning:

  • 1 cup of spinach (washed, obvs!)
  • 1 handful of blueberries (these are packed with fibre, don’t want to eat too many)
  • 1/2 cup of strawberries
  • 1 cup of vanilla almond milk
  • 6 ice cubes
  • 1/2 a cucumber (peeled)
  • dash of cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon of all-natural almond butter (the stuff with the oil at the top of the jar)


(I thought that the colour of the smoothie would match the placemat in this photo – Apparently, I am not entirely with it in the morning)

You can add in a little bit of water if you want a different consistency. I sometimes switch up my protein source from almond butter to protein powder. I switch it up as I’ve read some dubious things about whey protein – so sometimes I substitute in some real food protein. The fruits mask the taste of the spinach, you honestly won’t even know that it’s in there.

I love smoothies because I can even get my ingredients ready the night before and just go on auto pilot in the morning. As a multi-tasker (and someone who is guilty of hitting the snooze button), I usually drink one while getting ready in the morning. I pair it with my half of a grapefruit and I’m ready for my day!

Happy Blending and Peace! xx.


My latest obsession is cinnamon. As of late, I’ve been putting it on almost everything. Not only is it yummy, but it is good for you too! It is one of the world’s oldest spices, originating in Sri Lanka – though the common stuff that we eat is actually called cassia. In Canada, we receive Indonesian “Korintje” cassia. Canadian Living even named it one of their top 10 superfoods! Boom!

Cinnamon is chalk-full of nutrients: Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Calcium and Manganese. It is also naturally low in calories.

It helps control your blood sugar, acts as an anti-inflammatory and also contains fibre (up to 4.1 g in one tablespoon). The spice’s active ingredient: methylhydroxychalcone polymers helps your body metabolize sugar.

Here are some items that I love putting cinnamon in:

  • morning coffee (black of course, it is a nice alternative to sugar or a sweetener – I don’t recommend using a low-cal sweetener like Splenda as it is full of artificial additives that can contribute to gut bacteria)
  • Sprinkled on a soy latte (or full-dairy latte, those
  • My morning protein shake (It adds a great little kick to it)
  • Oatmeal (so delicious!)
  • Granola (I just add a little pinch on top of my granola and berries and mix it with soy milk or plain yogurt in the mornings)
  • Cupcake Icing! (not that this is very healthy, but I recently made vegan icing using: vegan margarine, almond butter and icing sugar and the cinnamon complimented it nicely)
  • Whole Wheat Toast with Vegan Margarine (just like real cinnamon butter!)
  • Chai Tea

Now that’s not to say that I think you should get a free pass and go enjoy a huge cinnamon bun (everything in moderation, my friends). Don’t go too crazy with the cinnamon – some studies have shown side-effects of ingesting four tablespoons of cinnamon. This is why I usually moderate and consume it at breakfast only.

Give it a whirl and see how it makes you feel, it just gives a nice spicy kick to my daily foods and as the old adage goes, variety is the spice of life (maybe cinnamon can be the spice of yours!)

Peace. xx.


My name is Hannah. Over the last two years I have managed to lose 20 pounds just through healthy eating and exercise. I think it is safe to say that I’ve become a bit of a health nut, somewhat granola-y if you will.  I have never been happier, had more self-confidence and felt more centred in my life until now.

This journey began when I fell in love with yoga two years ago thanks to an amazing teacher who guided me through my practice with kindness, patience and attention. I have felt myself go through a transformation physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga pulled me out of a dark place and brought me to a place where I felt aware of myself and showed me that I was attached to some negative things. I have recently started dancing ballet again after a 5 year hiatus and it has been such a humbling but fun experience. I have also started strength training and exercise barre classes that have helped me begin to build new muscles – it has been so much fun but incredibly difficult.

I’ve decided to start a blog so that I can have a place to share my own health and fitness tips, share healthy recipes, and share links and articles that I have found to be useful in my journey to become more fit and healthy. I am also going to do my very first half-marathon in May 2013 and will be discussing the inevitable ups and downs (hopefully not too many downs!) of my training.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoy this blog as much as I’m going to enjoy writing it!


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