My name is Hannah. Over the last two years I have managed to lose 20 pounds just through healthy eating and exercise. I think it is safe to say that I’ve become a bit of a health nut, somewhat granola-y if you will.  I have never been happier, had more self-confidence and felt more centred in my life until now.

This journey began when I fell in love with yoga two years ago thanks to an amazing teacher who guided me through my practice with kindness, patience and attention. I have felt myself go through a transformation physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga pulled me out of a dark place and brought me to a place where I felt aware of myself and showed me that I was attached to some negative things. I have recently started dancing ballet again after a 5 year hiatus and it has been such a humbling but fun experience. I have also started strength training and exercise barre classes that have helped me begin to build new muscles – it has been so much fun but incredibly difficult.

I’ve decided to start a blog so that I can have a place to share my own health and fitness tips, share healthy recipes, and share links and articles that I have found to be useful in my journey to become more fit and healthy. I am also going to do my very first half-marathon in May 2013 and will be discussing the inevitable ups and downs (hopefully not too many downs!) of my training.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoy this blog as much as I’m going to enjoy writing it!


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  1. Louise O'Meara said:

    Congratulations Hannah! Proud of you. I have a great salad recipe with quinoa and guess what is sprinkled on it – yep, cinnamon. Yummy! Your loving Nana

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