My latest obsession is cinnamon. As of late, I’ve been putting it on almost everything. Not only is it yummy, but it is good for you too! It is one of the world’s oldest spices, originating in Sri Lanka – though the common stuff that we eat is actually called cassia. In Canada, we receive Indonesian “Korintje” cassia. Canadian Living even named it one of their top 10 superfoods! Boom!

Cinnamon is chalk-full of nutrients: Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Calcium and Manganese. It is also naturally low in calories.

It helps control your blood sugar, acts as an anti-inflammatory and also contains fibre (up to 4.1 g in one tablespoon). The spice’s active ingredient: methylhydroxychalcone polymers helps your body metabolize sugar.

Here are some items that I love putting cinnamon in:

  • morning coffee (black of course, it is a nice alternative to sugar or a sweetener – I don’t recommend using a low-cal sweetener like Splenda as it is full of artificial additives that can contribute to gut bacteria)
  • Sprinkled on a soy latte (or full-dairy latte, those
  • My morning protein shake (It adds a great little kick to it)
  • Oatmeal (so delicious!)
  • Granola (I just add a little pinch on top of my granola and berries and mix it with soy milk or plain yogurt in the mornings)
  • Cupcake Icing! (not that this is very healthy, but I recently made vegan icing using: vegan margarine, almond butter and icing sugar and the cinnamon complimented it nicely)
  • Whole Wheat Toast with Vegan Margarine (just like real cinnamon butter!)
  • Chai Tea

Now that’s not to say that I think you should get a free pass and go enjoy a huge cinnamon bun (everything in moderation, my friends). Don’t go too crazy with the cinnamon – some studies have shown side-effects of ingesting four tablespoons of cinnamon. This is why I usually moderate and consume it at breakfast only.

Give it a whirl and see how it makes you feel, it just gives a nice spicy kick to my daily foods and as the old adage goes, variety is the spice of life (maybe cinnamon can be the spice of yours!)

Peace. xx.



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