A Truly Humbling Experience: My First Yoga Class Back After A 2 Month Hiatus

I have been slacking on my yoga as of late. I have fallen in love with barre workouts at Inside Out Studio barre in Westboro and it has opened my eyes to a new exercise world. I highly recommend this workout to everyone. It will kick your ass, make you want to chuck your weight at the instructor, want to curl up in a ball and die but the feeling and results you achieve after are so worth the pain. Their approach is to exhaust all of the major muscle groups through repetition. My butt is always killing me the next day! But you can’t be lazy if you want to look like Beyonce (side note: I never will…). I’ve just also been so busy, I haven’t found time to fit my yoga time in to my schedule. Which is terrible, because it’s ordinarily the only thing that keeps my sane and not quite so stressed out.

So last night I decided to return to my yoga roots and get my stretch on. I showed up to class and my regular teacher wasn’t there – I was a little gutted. But then I thought to myself, why am I so attached to my routine? I am very regimented and structured in every aspect of my life, I crave order – so I decided to relax and go with the flow.

It was a good idea that I decided to relax because holy shit was that class ever tough. It was an all-levels hot flow class but that was definitely not all-levels material. Once I dropped my sense of attachment, I was able to really flow through the sequences better. As I had anticipated, my yoga skills had dwindled a bit in my hiatus. It was such a humbling experience for me. I think that it really is good to challenge yourself once in a while or else we risk becoming complacent.

What stood out to me during my practice was that as frustrated as I was that my arm balances aren’t where they used to be and that my balance itself was a little shaky, I still accepted that I couldn’t do these things instead of becoming attached and wound up in the idea that I can’t. I’ve been reading lots of yoga articles about acceptance and the yogic principle of non-attachment and I thought they were all bull. Yoga can be for everyone and I don’t have to be as capable as my instructor or the other yogis around me. She made me try Urdhva PadmasanaMy teacher came over to assist me and I thought to myself girl, I think that you’re crazy, BUT I could keep my balance for maybe one second on my own…









Now that’s not to say that I’m not going to try to regain a strong practice, I just found it so refreshing to just feel grateful that I was there and humbled by the restrictions of my own body. As strong as my strength training has made me, yoga requires a different strength – which is mostly emotional as well. Experiencing that awareness was something that I’ve never been privileged to have before. Suffice it to say, I am looking forward to getting back to my regular practice as a compliment to my other activities…and finding time to run in between!

I will leave you all with two videos I’ve found that have been helpful to me in getting my crow pose back in to action (though mine still leaves much up to the imagination…):



Peace and Happy Yoga-ing! xx.



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