Songs to Keep You Running (and maybe even dancing irl or in your mind!)

Your legs feel like jelly, your breath is short, your lungs are burning: suddenly, your run is no longer fun and you might as well just stop and walk (rolling or crawling home is usually a good option at this point). This is an all too familiar scenario to me. I can see it playing out in my head right now as I write this – accompanied by my bright red tomato face. This feeling of defeat is what ends up discouraging me and sometimes preventing me from going out for my run.

The only weapon I can use against this is a dope and pumped up playlist. Seriously, I am not one of those people who can run without music or even with a buddy. I get distracted by my head movies. There are a million things running through my head: “what should I eat for dinner?” “what am I going to wear tomorrow?” “How long did it take for Colby Rasmus’ corn rows to get done?” “What the heck is a first down?”  “I wonder what Rod Stewart ate for breakfast today?”

Moving along, the only thing that keeps those musings at bay is a playlist that makes me want to dance but also motivates me to keep going. There are definitely certain things that I associate with the different songs that I listen to – like any Beyonce song, I just think if she can practice all of that choreography in heels; then this girl can run for 5 more minutes without dying. Plus, I get pumped up when I hear these songs and it gives me that extra bit of energy to keep going through the entire length of a song.

So here are some of my faves: (I can already predict that most readers will be laughing as they read my choices)

Music can keep you upbeat and motivated. If you’re really hardcore, you can match your desired bpm to your song choices and invent a strategy for your playlist – be careful not to go overboard though. I like to choose songs that make me feel empowered and I’m still a running rookie. Dance songs are great for keeping me going. This is just a sample playlist. Let me know what some of your favourite running songs are in the comments?

I love to make a playlist for when I’m stretching after my workout as well. I will be posting that up soon!

Happy running! Peace. xx.


  1. wartica said:

    I agree; with any form of exercise , the hardest thing is getting up to stretch and get going !

  2. Dani Cee said:

    I love a good playlist – music is a necessity for my workouts! Thanks for the “tune tips”! And, thanks for stopping by my blog and the like!

  3. Thanks guys! It is so hard to motivate yourself sometimes. Good luck with your music playlists! And thank you for reading!

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