Making Peace With Your Body: A Highly Recommended Article

Making Peace With Your Body: A Highly Recommended Article

I’ve only got time for a quick post today. I thought that I would share an article that I stumbled upon and really struck a chord with me.

Body issues seems topical to me, we all feel the pressure to conform and look a certain way to fit in to our society. I think that it’s amazing when individuals can do away with these negative expectations. I for one, am not a person who can bury these insecurities. As a ballet dancer, I was made aware of the flaws and limitations of my body from a very young age.

Yet there comes a time when you don’t need to settle or accept your shortcomings but embrace how beautiful your body is in its natural state. I will never have long legs, high arches or an hour glass figure. Instead of focusing on all the have not’s, I really need to start caring (because growing to/falling in love your body is a long and arduous process) and showing affection or even courting my body. I need to be kind to my body and not just in the way that I take care of it but in the thoughts I send to it.

I think that we all need to be a little mindful and aware of how we think of our bodies. I know that I will have negative days, I have a tumultuous relationship with my body; but if I try to be kind, those days will become fewer and far between. I am going to try to think at least one nice thought per day and I hope that you will all do the same.











Peace. xx.


  1. BlondeAround said:

    Reblogged this on Blonde Around ! and commented:
    wonderful article- so true!

  2. wartica said:

    I agree; it’s your vehicle , so you might as well take the highest of care of it:))

  3. Thank you for reading! It really is so true, I find the posts written on MindBodyGreen are truly inspiring. Keep checking them out and reading my posts as well 🙂

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